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Hobby Grade Expoy Resin Mixing Kit

Hobby Grade Expoy Resin Mixing Kit

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The Very Popular Hobby Grade Epoxy Mixing Kit
This is a very convenient package for the handyman, hobbyist or crafts person. Everything you need in one package to mix up to 20 batches of Epoxy resins of any thinkness or strength.

Kit includes: (20) 2 tbs mixing cups (10) epoxy mixing brushes, (20) Popsicle mixing sticks, (5) spatula mixing spoons, and (20) new trading cards for small batch mixing. Creating the perfect epoxy resin mixture has never been easier with the convenient mixing tools included in this kit. Make precise measurements with the 2 tbs mixing cups and easily mix the components together with the mixing brushes, Popsicle sticks, and spatulas. 

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