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    This beautiful Fw-190 from Extreme Flight is NEW IN BOX with retracts and wing bags included.  You will need to add your own electronics, radio gear and battery. This version has the camo tail you see in the picture...

    A new era in flying scale warbirds has dawned. Lightweight wood construction combined with intelligent design and photo-realistic finishing gives you the high performance, most scale RC warplanes yet.

    Aces High - 62" Focke-Wulf Fw 190A:

    AcesHigh have set the bar for fantastic flying models that carry a super high level of detail. As part of the Extreme Flight family, we have combined the highest level of aircraft manufacture with new technology, and the results are fantastic. Months of research and effort to create a realistic result without the typical weight problems that go along with detail.

    Taking our expertise in balsa aerobatic aircraft construction and applying it to warplanes has produced new standard in warbird flight performance. The FW is fast and stable as a warbird should be, but it also floats in for landing with a confidence-inspiring lightness and predictability. This is a new day for the mid-size warbird. If you can fly an aerobatic aircraft, you will immediately feel at home with the FW.

    The FW includes pre-installed electric retracts which are light, strong and convenient. They have the correct scale extension angle for the perfect Focke-Wulf look. Ground handling is easy due to the wide track and large (scale) wheels.

    In making the model look real, our objective was to recreate the full size plane as it was in operation. Those aircraft worked hard, and got very dirty in the process. The details on the scheme are as if the full scale aircraft was wheeled into a photo booth... there are no pin-stripe panel lines and dots for rivets, because panels arenÍt pin-stripes, and rivets were rivets.

    Wingspan: 62 in / 1574mm
    Length: 53 in / 1353mm (with spinner)
    Wing Area: 648 sq. in / 41.8 dm_
    Weight: 6.5 lbs / 2.95 kg (without battery)

    Electric Power System needed to complete: These items are not included in this kit.
    Electric Motor Torque 4016T/500 MKII
    Electronic Speed Control
    Airboss 80
    6S 3300-5000 mAh
    16 x 7 Electric Beechwood 2-Blade
    15 x 7 Electric Beechwood 3-Blade
    Qty. 6 Hitec HS-225MG (Good)
    Qty. 6 Hitec HS-5245MG (Better)
    Qty. 6 Hitec HS-7245MH (Best)
    Qty. 6 MKS HV9767 (Awesome)
    Servo Extensions
    Wing: qty. 1 MPX-3 wire set AND qty. 1 MPX-2 wire set
    Ailerons: qty. 2 - 12 inch
    Flap qty. 2 - 6 inch
    Elevator: none needed
    Rudder: none needed
    ESC: none needed
    Radio Requirements
    Modern 8 channel computer radio