Coyote Hobby has sold hundreds of airplanes and helicopters off of our ceiling. These airplanes are on what is called "consignment" meaning we sell the item for you and you pay us a comission out of the proceeds. No fussing around with Craig's list or Ebay. We make it simple, we do all the work and you get the money. 

  • A few ground rules... 
  • We don't sell junk. All items approved for consignment must be in good working order and would rate at least a "7" on a scale of "1 to 10".
  • We agree to a reasonable selling price based on the items condition, age and consumer demand.
  • Our selling fee is 25% of the total selling price. If you elect to use the proceeds from the sale to buy other merchandise in the store your get 100% of the sale amount.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot use a consignment store credit to buy other consignment items.
  • You are under no obligation to leave your items here for any pre-set amount of time. They are your items afterall.
  • Please call before you bring in an airplane for consignment, sometimes the ceiling is full and we can put you in the que.